Completion Products Services

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Completion Products Services

Caledyne specializes in providing production equipment and engineering services for the oil & gas sector such as:


MECHANICAL Isolation Valve


The Mechanical Isolation Valve is a mechanically actuated ball valve, which may be used to isolate the formation during installation of the upper completion or other such operations.



Torus Safety System


The Torus Insert Safety valve is an API14A certified fail-safe closed valve, providing a conduit through the valve for numerous applications. The valve utilizes a sliding sleeve mechanism as opposed to a traditional flapper to close. The Torus valve is extremely versatile and by changing out the bottom sub it can be configured for many different applications. Utilizing the Torus valve allows for any form of artificial lift to be installed in an existing well without the need of a workover providing significant cost savings.



Plugs & Packers


The Retrievable Bridge Plug provides new levels of integrity and ease of retrieval in the area of well plugging. The CRBP chassis design uses proven design features such as caged slips, a body lock ring to lock in setting forces, simple body construction to ensure maximum reliability and ease of use and an equalizing port to facilitate retrieval.

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