Drilling Tools Division


Drilling Tools

Sawafi drilling tools division is providing the sale/rentals, repair & maintenance of sealed bearing roller reamers and the state of art GunDrill Reamer for all the customers in Saudi Arabia.

Stuck Tubular Release Service

Our tubular vibration technology is the most cost- effective means of stuck pipe recovery currently available to the industry. We utilize acoustic theory to transmit standing wave resonant energy over long intervals of pipe in oil and gas wells and has developed proprietary equipment and procedures that are highly effective in the recovery of stuck pipe from wells. The technology, which has mainly been focused on the field of stuck pipe recovery in drilling, completion, and workover applications, can also be applied to primary cementing through improved hole cleaning as well as the maintenance of hydrostatic head during the curing phase.

Drilling Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Software for aggregation, transmission and visualisation of drilling data including industry leading, fully featured MWD logging package with full ability to record downhole and surface data and multi-protocol support and multi communication support with native WITSML storage and ability to synchronise to / from remote WITSML servers and well as depth tracking and other hardware options. Our InstaDeep AI solutions provide advanced prediction and recommendations systems that can improve efficiency, evaluate well health, and apply predictive maintenance to ensure effective capital expenditure and greater return on investment.