Deep Roots Powering the Upstream for over Four Decades. Rich History | Bright Future

Sawafi Al-Jazeera Oilfield Products and Services Co. Ltd. (“Sawafi”) is a global leader in upstream technologies. Established in 2013, Sawafi is backed by the strength and reputation of its parent company, Alturki Holding Company, one of the top family-owned businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a premier investor, sustainability pioneer and key facilitator in the development of modern Saudi Arabia since 1975, with deep roots as a reliable partner to global oil & gas superpower Saudi Aramco. Sawafi solutions include drilling enhancement, intelligent completion products, artificial lift products, well characterization and visualization, well real time survey services, and artificial intelligence analytics and alerts.

The company is Headquartered at a state of the art 51,000 sqm facility at the King Salman Energy Park, (“Spark”),  and has a strong track record of consistently delivering innovative upstream solutions to the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia.  As Saudi Aramco’s new technology partner, Sawafi is dedicated to further contributing to Saudi Arabia’s continued leadership in the oil and gas industry and is partnering with leading oil field technology firms across the globe, either through acquisitions or Joint Ventures (JVs) to introduce, innovate and deliver quality, cost effective and localized upstream technology solutions that optimize performance and production in a safe and sustainable manner and positively impact In Kingdom Total Value Add.

Sawafi subsidiaries include Newsco International Energy Services USA Inc., (“NEWSCO”), a leader in measurement while drilling (MWD) and directional drilling and has forged JV’s  and partnerships with Sawafi Borets, the world’s leading producer of electric submersible pump systems (ESPs), Tendeka for Intelligent Well Completion, Rubicon Oilfield Products, for Drilling Enhancement Tools Manufacturing, Digital Drilling Data Systems and eDrilling, for Drilling Data Analytics, InstaDeep, for Drilling Artificial Intelligence, ASAP for Mud Engineering, CII for Advanced Oil Recovery, and Poweltec for Stuck Tubulars Release Services and is fast expanding its global partnership network to meet the demands of the kingdom’s evolving upstream market in Saudi Arabia.  

Sawafi’s success is driven by a diverse team of professionals who bring international expertise, together with a deep understanding of the local market, and who are fuelled with passion to consistently deliver superior service quality.

“Our purpose is to contribute to our nation's continued leadership in the oil and gas industry.”

Our purpose is to contribute to our nation's continued leadership in the oil and gas industry.

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of innovative integrated upstream oil field services solutions.


Our Mission

To deliver value adding technologies that enhance production in a safe and sustainable manner.