Rami Alturki

People development is one of the key pillars of Vision 2030 and this is key to localization, which requires co-operation, building infrastructure and knowledge transfer. It is an exciting time to do business in Saudi Arabia.

Sawafi excels in offering innovative technology, advanced solutions and quality services that support the growth and sustainability of the oil & gas industry in the Kingdom.

By localizing and developing the latest solutions, as well as brining in highly efficient technological inventions, empowering and taking pride in local industries and talents, it contributes to supporting the kingdom’s continued leadership of the global oil and gas industry.

Since our top priority has always been to invest responsibly in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, Sawafi aims to elevate the Kingdom’s international standing, by tapping into its human wealth and localizing the latest scientific and technological advances. Sawafi’s strategy focuses on transferring the most sought-after knowledge, experiences and inventions in the field of world technology to the King Salman Energy Park (“Spark”), in order to enable digital transformation locally, in addition to introducing an industry that strengthens and optimizes the supply chain.is a contributor in many promising initiatives, the most important of which is the Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program.

Through Sawafi we aim to support everything that adds value to local industry and contributes to bolstering the nation’s leading position in the oil & gas market. We shall work hard to continue our journey toward earning with integrity and building-up our people and our planet.

Rami Alturki
Chairman of the Board of SAWAFI