Tarek Kachouri

We are fueled with passion to consistently deliver innovative technologies and superior service quality.

A word from our managing director

“We are fuelled with passion to consistently deliver innovative technologies and superior service quality.”

Sawafi is evolving in step with Saudi Arabia’s growing demand for innovative and accessible technology solutions in the oil and gas sector. We are expanding and diversifying, creating a synergistic portfolio of businesses that enhance local manufacturing capabilities and support the effective and sustainable use of the Kingdom’s natural and human resources. Our acquisition of NEWSCO is a key milestone, facilitating knowledge transfer and the enhancement of our local talents in directional drilling technologies. Research and Development is also a key focus area, and we are working on a number of high potential projects specifically designed to meet the needs of the Saudi Arabia market and reservoir specifications.

The upstream market has never been as competitive as it is today, Sawafi is leveraging emerging technologies that support not only our nation’s leadership position in the global oil and gas market but also address local and global sustainability issues. The Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two fields on which Sawafi is making substantial progress with Saudi Aramco. We are joining hands with leading technology around the world on this and the potential for innovation is limitless. However, as we strive to bring value added technologies that enhance production in a safe and sustainable manner to the kingdom, we remain steadfast in our commitment to competitive pricing and the highest standards of service quality and safety practices and look forward to continuing our strong track record of consistently delivering innovative upstream solutions as the reliable upstream partner in Saudi Arabia.

Delivering highly differentiated technology products and associated services to the upstream oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia.

Tarek Kachouri
Managing Director