Fuelling Saudi Arabia's Upstream Leadership

Fuelling Saudi Arabia's Upstream Leadership


The Drilling Segment of Sawafi Al-Jazeera provides a range of products and services for both onshore and offshore operations during the drilling phase. This Segment is structured into four main product lines: Directional Drilling, focusing on Sawafi's proprietary drilling motors and cutting-edge MWD technologies; Downhole Tools, specializing in Reamers and other drilling optimization tools; Well Control Equipment, centering on MPD solution and thru tubing drilling; and Drilling Fluids, concentrating on drilling fluid solutions, solids control, and well bore cleanout.


Our Completions segment was established through a strategic investment in Vulcan Completion Products, further improving our capabilities in industry-leading innovative technologies. This Segment is structured into two main product lines: The Well Construction Equipment product line, which provides casing and cementing accessories equipment and well barriers products, and the second is Well Completions product line, which provides subsurface flow control valves, intelligent completions and wireless completions.


At the heart of our Production segment is Sawafi Borets, our joint venture with Levare International. This partnership has established Sawafi Borets as the most reliable and rapidly expanding Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) company in Saudi Arabia. This segment includes two product lines: First is the Artificial Lift product line, which specializes in Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) solutions and accessories, aligning with Saudi Aramco's strategic direction leveraging ESP technology. The second is the Production Optimization product line, which is dedicated to Enhanced Oil Recovery solutions, developed in collaboration with Aramco EXPEC ARC, highlighting Sawafi's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the oil recovery process.

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