Our differentiation in completions segment marked by our extensive engineering and design experience, a testament to our long-standing commitment to innovation and excellence.

Rapid Response and Engineered Solution

Our Completions segment, initiated through a strategic investment in Vulcan Completion Products, has been a catalyst for further development and enhancement of our completions products. Recognizing the critical role of completions in the well lifecycle, we aim to make a significant difference in this area. We respond rapidly and engineer solutions to develop top-tier casing and cementing accessories as well as well barrier equipment, underlining our commitment to innovation and excellence in the completions segment.

Years in O&G 40
Wells Worldwide 10,035
Global Reach 40 country
Number of patents 82
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Enhancing Well Performance with Cutting-Edge Completion Products
Step into the world of well completion innovation with Sawafi's extensive range of industry-leading products. Our cutting-edge completion tools are designed to optimize reservoir performance, improve production efficiency, and enhance well integrity. From advanced packers and intelligent completions to superior cementing solutions, each product is engineered with precision and expertise to meet the unique challenges of well completion operations. Discover the power of Sawafi's dynamic solutions and elevate the performance of your wells to new heights. Unleash the true potential of your reservoirs with Sawafi's well completion products that are synonymous with quality, reliability, and excellence.