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We make a difference with all our stakeholders.

We are Proud to be Saudi

Founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of the prestigious Alturki Holding Company, Sawafi Al-Jazeera has emerged as a trailblazer in the upstream oil and gas technology sector. Our mission, rooted in our guiding philosophy of 'Improving the livelihood of people everywhere' by 'helping to bring oil and gas to the world sustainably,' drives us to make a difference with all our stakeholders through innovative solutions, and being different.

Utilizing our technology triangle linking Research and Development in Dhahran, Houston, and Aberdeen, we demonstrate our impact on the global community and set new benchmarks in the upstream industry.

Our international reach includes strategic locations across the Middle East, North America and Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, providing "region-specific solutions in the upstream oil and gas market".

How we are organized

As an upstream oil and gas oilfield products and services company, we stand out with our comprehensive array of equipment and services to make a difference in the industry. Our commitment is focused on reliable delivery through innovation and excellence, meeting the exacting demands of our customers in their distinct markets in the oil and gas sector. We organize our operations into three segments: Drilling, Completions, and Production.


The Drilling Segment of Sawafi Al-Jazeera provides a range of products and services for both onshore and offshore operations during the drilling phase. This Segment is structured into four main product lines: Directional Drilling, focusing on Sawafi's proprietary drilling motors and cutting-edge MWD technologies; Downhole Tools, specializing in Reamers and other drilling optimization tools; Well Control Equipment, centering on MPD solution and thru tubing drilling; and Drilling Fluids, concentrating on drilling fluid solutions, solids control, and well bore cleanout.


Our Completions segment was established through a strategic investment in Vulcan Completion Products, further improving our capabilities in industry-leading innovative technologies. This Segment is structured into two main product lines: The Well Construction Equipment product line, which provides casing and cementing accessories equipment and well barriers products, and the second is Well Completions product line, which provides subsurface flow control valves, intelligent completions and wireless completions.


At the heart of our Production segment is Sawafi Borets, our joint venture with Levare International. This partnership has established Sawafi Borets as the most reliable and rapidly expanding Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) company in Saudi Arabia. This segment includes two product lines: First is the Artificial Lift product line, which specializes in Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) solutions and accessories, aligning with Saudi Aramco's strategic direction leveraging ESP technology. The second is the Production Optimization product line, which is dedicated to Enhanced Oil Recovery solutions, developed in collaboration with Aramco EXPEC ARC, highlighting Sawafi's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the oil recovery process.

Improving the livelihood of people everywhere
Helping to bring oil and gas to the world sustainably
Region-specific solutions in the upstream oil and gas market

Chairman message

Sawafi excels in offering innovative technology, advanced solutions and quality services that support the growth and sustainability of the oil & gas industry in the Kingdom.

By localizing and developing the latest solutions, as well as brining in highly efficient technological inventions, empowering and taking pride in local industries and talents, it contributes to supporting the kingdom’s continued leadership of the global oil and gas industry.

Since our top priority has always been to invest responsibly in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, Sawafi aims to elevate the Kingdom’s international standing, by tapping into its human wealth and localizing the latest scientific and technological advances. Sawafi’s strategy focuses on transferring the most sought-after knowledge, experiences and inventions in the field of world technology to the King Salman Energy Park (“Spark”), in order to enable digital transformation locally, in addition to introducing an industry that strengthens and optimizes the supply chain.is a contributor in many promising initiatives, the most important of which is the Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program.

Through Sawafi we aim to support everything that adds value to local industry and contributes to bolstering the nation’s leading position in the oil & gas market. We shall work hard to continue our journey toward earning with integrity and building-up our people and our planet.

Chairman of the Board of Sawafi

Rami Alturki

CEO message

Sawafi is a global company with operations, technology development, and a world-class workforce across three continents. This enables us to leverage the best in people and technology worldwide. Our purpose is bigger than any of us – to improve the livelihoods of people everywhere, by bringing oil and gas to the world sustainably. We help do this through our growing offering of innovative technology and solutions across the oil and gas sector. And no sector has done more to advance the quality of life of human beings over the last century.

Our portfolio continues to expand, including our Joint Venture in Production Systems with Lavare Partner, the Acquisition of Newsco International based in Houston, and a majority investment in Vulcan Completion Products in Aberdeen and Dubai.

We are distinctively Saudi owned, and have our own technology, which is a material differentiator inside the market of Saudi Arabia. We are enhancing our offerings across Drilling, Completions, and Production Segments to meet our customers' stringent needs.

We are also leveraging our global triangle of Research and Development in KSA, the USA, and the UK to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency, consistency, quality, and reliability of our services for applications inside Saudi Arabia and across the Globe

At Sawafi, we demand excellence, and we are responsive.

We are different in everything that we do.

Dean Bell