Flowing Success: Making a Difference with most reliable artificial lift systems.

Our commitment is build long-term relationships through reliability and continuous support, designed to meet our customer's needs.

We deploy our Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) systems in various downhole environments, abrasive applications, high-gas environments (efficiently handles up to 90% free gas), corrosive environments, scale, high temperatures (thermal recovery heavy oil production systems, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage), unstable flowrates. Our strength lies in our self-sufficiency, strengthened by our global reach through our partnership with Levare, with 10 manufacturing plants across all the continents, research and development capabilities with variase centers.

Our commitment to long-term reliability for our key customer Aramco is enabled by cutting-edge technology and the best-trained personnel in the market

Years in O&G 40
Wells Worldwide 10,035
Global Reach 40 country
Number of patents 82
King Salman Energy Park facility

We are pleased to share our assembly and service capabilities at our state-of-the-art facility located in the King Salman Energy Park (SPARK), spanning 21,000 square meters. Our SPARK facility is ISO certified, specializing in testing, dismantling inspection and failure analysis, assembly, and repair. This facility reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality services and contributes significantly to our operational excellence with Saudi Aramco.

Permanent Magnet Motor.

Sawafi Borets’ green energy solutions include application of the Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) as a part of ESP or ESPCP systems. This integrated solution was designed specifically to lower carbon footprint, our clients’ OPEX and life-cycle costs as well as optimize oil wells’ potential. PMM provides cyclic well operation capabilities for wells with production constraints. Our Levare partner installed over 3,000 PMMs pumps globally, with up to 30% power saving and with up to 93% efficiency.

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