We differentiate ourselves in the industry with our expertise and technologies in top hole drilling solutions.

Power of Efficient Drilling

Our company stands out in the top-hole drilling sector with its propitiatory directional drilling technologies. This specialization enables us to offer distinct and efficient drilling solutions, highlighting our difference and excellence in this industry.

With years of service in the market, we have proven our expertise through the deployment of roller and fixed blade reamers. This extensive experience has enabled Sawafi to enhance our downhole tool portfolio with new and innovative developments, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in the upstream market

Years in O&G 40
Wells Worldwide 10,035
Global Reach 40 country
Number of patents 82
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Discover Sawafi's array of drilling products, specifically designed to enhance your drilling performance in top-hole sections. Our offerings include tools and technologies that assure unmatched efficiency, performance, and reliability.