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Vision 2030 to Build a Sustainable Future

Sawafi is committed to supporting Vision 2030, which aims to transform the energy sector towards a more sustainable future. The company is working towards reducing its environmental impact, promoting sustainable practices, and supporting the development of renewable energy sources in line with the Vision 2030 goals.

Powering Progress, Empowering Saudi Arabia

At Sawafi, we wholeheartedly embrace the vision set forth in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. As a key contributor to the nation's thriving oil and gas industry, we are committed to driving progress, empowering local talent, and supporting the economic diversification goals outlined in Vision 2030.

Our vision aligns with the pillars of Vision 2030, focusing on creating a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation. Through our operations, investments, and partnerships, we actively contribute to the Kingdom's growth and transformation.

A vibrant society is at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for local talent, nurturing their skills, and providing them with a conducive work environment. By empowering Saudi nationals and promoting diversity and inclusion, we contribute to the development of a dynamic and skilled workforce that drives innovation and sustains the nation's progress.

A thriving economy is a shared aspiration. We play a pivotal role in the diversification of Saudi Arabia's economy, fostering innovation and driving entrepreneurship. Through strategic investments, partnerships, and technological advancements, we stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and enhance the Kingdom's competitiveness on a global scale.

An ambitious nation requires sustainable and responsible leadership. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, transparency, and ethical practices. By adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility, we contribute to building a strong and reputable business ecosystem that attracts international investments and fosters trust.

Together with our partners and stakeholders, we are actively working towards realizing the ambitious goals set in Vision 2030. By embracing innovation, leveraging technology, and nurturing local talent, we aim to be at the forefront of Saudi Arabia's transformation, driving economic prosperity, and shaping a bright future for the nation.

Join us on this transformative journey as we empower individuals, businesses, and communities, and together, we will create a prosperous and sustainable Saudi Arabia, in line with the vision of Vision 2030.