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Sawafi Borets

Sawafi Borets is a Joint Venture (JV) between Sawafi and Levare International

Leading global provider specializing in the engineering, manufacture, sales, and service of Electric Submersible Pump systems (ESPs)

In 2021 we had the ground-breaking ceremony for the 21,000-square-metre manufacturing and assembly centre at the King Salman Energy Park. It is fully dedicated to Sawafi Borets’ ESP [electrical submersible pump] line and will have a capacity of 500 ESPs per year. We aim to inaugurate it in Q3 2023 at full capacity.

By 2025 we aim to cover 100% of Sawafi Borets’ ESP demand from Saudi Arabia with this facility. With the right setup, capabilities and capacity to cover the local market, we will also be able to help Levare International, as a JV partner, cover the demand for the GCC region’s markets as well.

The competitive edge of our ESP business line is a strategic mix of innovative technology, a focus on sustainability and solid partnership synergies. At the core of our ambitions lies Aramco’s challenging 10-to-1 target: envisioning an ESP that offers a decade-long operational life with a swift one-day replacement time. This lofty goal propels our relentless drive for innovation and our quest for superior product efficiency and durability.

The collaboration with Levare International in 2017 was a game-changer. As the global frontrunner in ESP development, Levare has given us state-of-the-art technology and a reservoir of knowledge and expertise. This partnership enables us to stay agile and pivot quickly to emerging market demands.

In our relentless pursuit of technological differentiation and superior solutions, we have pioneered permanent magnet motors in Saudi Arabia. This groundbreaking technology substantially reduces the energy consumption of ESP motors, making these motors a sustainable and efficient alternative in the competitive ESP landscape.

However, our efforts exceed the mere profit motive. We are true advocates for sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices. The significant reduction in electricity consumption from our advanced motor technology plays an instrumental role in our joint sustainability projects with Aramco.

Further strengthening our competitive stance, we are deeply engaged with Aramco’s R&D arm and our partners to develop a rig-less ESP solution. With increasing demand for this innovative solution in the Saudi market, our forward-looking initiatives solidly position us to efficiently supply this solution.